What to do if you accidentally eat non Halal food?

The food we eat has an impact on us, on our soul, on our body, on our taqwa on our piety and even our children and grandchildren, the genes within us. Given that you ate it by accidentally, you might not be guilty of a sin, but the consequences of doing so will still exist. Islam is a complete way of life. Almighty Allah has created us and gave us a law to lead our lives in a … Read more

Namaz Hajat Dua: Here’s What You Need to Know

The prayer of need is known as Salatul Hajat or Salat-ul Hajat or Namaz Hazat Dua. Usually, Allah is asked to help those who have certain requests. This request aids in enhancing a person’s actual power, psychological health, and otherworldly prosperity.The timely repetition of this request ensures that one is following Allah’s guidance and refrains … Read more

Quran, Torah, and Bible similarities.

All religions have holy scriptures that convey the message of their respective deities. The Quran, Torah, and Bible are the three holy books discussed in this context. Christians believe in the Bible, which was also sent to humans by Allah, while Jews believe in the Torah, the oldest book sent to humans by the Almighty. … Read more

Sajdahs in Quran

  Sajdah: It is an act of prostration or low bowing to Allah facing the qiblah. Sajdah is usually done in standardised prayer. In Arabic, the term sajdha is define as adoration in front of Allah Almighty. Sajdha tilawat hanafi: The term defines as the prostration of recitation,  is a prostration which happens during the ritual … Read more

Haram things you do in everyday life.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we completely become unconscious of the Haram stuff that ruins our Islam in our day-to-day life and the things that you don’t know were Haram. So life is taking revenge against us, and one of the major factors in this is there is no Barkat in our … Read more

What to say when someone returns from Hajj

It’s the season of Hajj yet again, the month of DhulHijja. The most awaited period for the one’s longing to visit the House of Allah. The precious 10 days when the entire ummah awaits to get their sins forgiven through fasting and extensive zikr, both during the day and night. WHAT TO SAY WHEN SOMEONE … Read more

Iman-e-Mufassal Transliteration

Every Muslim ought to consider seven essential matters. Iman-e-mufassal commonly means to have perception in all matters which might be cited in the Islamic faith. In different terms, Iman-e-mufassal is to trust and consider the information that prophets conveyed, It also means to have complete faith in Allah and to never question his decisions. The … Read more

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Is it haram to earn interest on saving?

Riba, which means interest, is haram (Prohibited) in Islam at any cost. It is one of the fundamental teachings of Islam to be away from any situation related to interest. Prophet (S) has strictly warned to avoid all situations that will guide to interest. Holy Quran forbade interest in four verses. The Quran considered the … Read more

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The Quran and Qurbani

Many people around the globe wonder what Qurbani is? The term Qurbani is an Urdu word that literary means “Sacrifice”. The Qurbani is fard upon every Muslim. The wisdom behind it is explained by the Quran and “Ahadees”. Why do we do Qurbani? So here we go, the sacrifice of livestock animals that revives the … Read more

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Historical places in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a landmark of dozens of historical places, which every adventurous travel would love to visit. This country is the epitome of culture, heritage and tradition. There was a time when Saudi Arabia was all known for its beautiful spirituality and untouched sparkle  of the ruins, but now, the country has preserved a … Read more

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