55+ Muslim House Names | Good Islamic Names for Residence

The Best of Allah’s blessing in this world is a Home. A peaceful home with a roof above your head is indeed a blessing of great magnitude. A true Believer is always thankful to Almighty Allah in every situation. No hardship troubles him and no blessing makes him forget the Lord. When naming a house, … Read more

Is Islam a True Religion from God? Is there a Proof?

God is the one supreme being who created and governs the universe. The God is unique and incomparable, and there is nothing like Him. The complexity, beauty and coherence in the universe point to the existence of a divine being who governs the Universe. The Laws of Nature are under the control of the Supreme … Read more

Islamic Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair loss among Men and Women happens due to a lot of reasons. Some ailments are curable and some are not. Islam deals with every aspect of Human lives including hygiene. Islam also gives certain guidelines for maintaining ones hair. From Bukhari Shareef and other authentic books we know that, Prophet Muhammad SAWS took good … Read more

Games in Islam

Undoubtedly income is a source of living. And earnings from games is one of the easiest ways but as a Muslim, if one thinks about the way of earning is halal or not it proves to be a pure and pious follower of Islam. And the very basic question arises in one’s mind as a … Read more

Value of time as per Quran

We are all aware of the concept of “time” and its significance in day-to-day activities, but it is also crucial to understand how the Quran views time and its various values. We also learned that “time is gold” and “time is money.” The passage of time is crucial to human existence. Humans have always been … Read more

Is Earning Money by Winning Games Haram?

Haram means something that is prohibited by Islamic law. Islam forbids gambling, physical violence, and harming others. It is forbidden to earn Haram income. God promises to reward people who earn halal income. He doesn’t accept the calls of people who consume haram money. Money is the most important thing in our lives; it is … Read more

Quran and Science: Two oceans meet but do not mix?

There are numerous miracles in this world that prove the existence of God. One of these miracles is the Qur’an itself. It was revealed to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). “He released the two seas, meeting (side by side); between them is a barrier (so) neither of them transgresses.” Surah Al-Rahman 55:19–20. The … Read more

Dua  for motivation and success 

A’oodhu-billahi-min-ash-shaytaan-ir-rajeem bismillah hi rahman  nirahim Before you opt for making  duas, asking Allah for achievement in specific aspects helps to grasp what you’re enquiring for. It helps to be specific in some way. What is success to you? Success can not be correctly defined, it is variable on the individual and also the core values … Read more

Pets in Islam: What does Quran say about Pets?

As soon as we think about animals, an idea clicks our minds about petting them, and a question struck in, whether petting animals is allowed in Islam or not. So, here is the resolution, Muslims are authorised to keep pets. Every other person is fond of keeping pets. There are no restrictions on petting in … Read more

Mathematical wonders in the Quran

The Qur’an needs no introduction whatsoever. It is the Word of Allah – The Creator of this Universe. It affirms that the cosmos and the author of the Qur’an are the same. This is more than just a claim. The Quran’s divine origin is evident from the words written in it. This book of wonders … Read more