Names to call your wife in Arabic/Hindi/Urdu  

When you’re in an affectionate relationship, having particular titles or phrases of affection for your partner gives a nice personal touch. In Arabic and Hindi cultures, charming names are widely used to convey love and gratitude. Whether you’re seeking for a new pet name for your wife or simply want to add some romantic flare, here’s a list of cute names to call your wife in Arabic or Hindi or Urdu

Names for the beloved

  1. Habibi – My beloved
  2. Rooh – Soul
  3. Hayati – My life
  4. Omri – My life,
  5. Ghazali – My gazelle
  6. Amira – Princess
  7. Malak – Angel
  8. Noor – Light
  9. Qamar – Moon
  10. Rohi – My soul
  11. Nour Albi – Light of my heart
  12. Farah – Joy
  13. Aynaya – My eyes
  14. Zahra – Flower
  15. Warda – Rose
  16. Jameela – Beautiful
  17. Hobbi – My love
  18. Zeinab – One of the most beautiful flowers
  19. Latifa – Gentle
  20. Karam – Generosity, kindness
  21. Asal – Honey
  22. Bibi – A common term for lady or beloved women
  23. Mawadda – Love, affection
  24. Najma – Star
  25. Fayrouz – Often used to indicate something precious
  26. Sahab – Morning, symbolizing brightness

These affectionate expressions provide a range of methods to convey your love and affection for your wife. Whether you want something that expresses beauty, preciousness, or sensitivity, this list has a variety of possibilities to suit your specific relationship. Use them to personalize your interactions and demonstrate how much you value your wife.


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