Beautiful Muslim Names to Call Your Husband

In Islam, the tie between husband and wife is treasured and loved, and demonstrations of love and devotion play an important part in strengthening it. Calling your husband sweet names not only demonstrates your affection but also shows the virtues of kindness and respect valued in Islam. In this blog post, we’ll look at wonderful Muslim names that you can use to affectionately address your husband, each with its unique meaning and depth of passion.

Names for Your Beloved

  1. Habibi – My beloved
  2. Aziz – My dear, my precious
  3. Wali – protector
  4. Sadiq – friend
  5. Mahboob – beloved
  6. Mujahid – one who struggles.
  7. Rauf – kind
  8. Tayyib – pure
  9. Jamil – attractive
  10. Nadir – unique
  11. Fawad – heart
  12. Sathi – partner
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