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Games in Islam

Undoubtedly income is a source of living. And earnings from games is one of the easiest ways but as a Muslim, if one thinks about the way of earning is halal or not it proves to be a pure and pious follower of Islam. And the very basic question arises in one’s mind as a …

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Value of time as per Quran

We are all aware of the concept of “time” and its significance in day-to-day activities, but it is also crucial to understand how the Quran views time and its various values. We also learned that “time is gold” and “time is money.” The passage of time is crucial to human existence. Humans have always been …

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What to do if you accidentally eat non Halal food?

The food we eat has an impact on us, on our soul, on our body, on our taqwa on our piety and even our children and grandchildren, the genes within us. Given that you ate it by accidentally, you might not be guilty of a sin, but the consequences of doing so will still exist. Islam is a complete way of life. Almighty Allah has created us and gave us a law to lead our lives in a …

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