Games in Islam

Undoubtedly income is a source of living. And earnings from games is one of the easiest ways but as a Muslim, if one thinks about the way of earning is halal or not it proves to be a pure and pious follower of Islam. And the very basic question arises in one’s mind as a Muslim. Is it permitted to win money from games? The response to this question is ‘no’ it is prohibited in Islam and considered Haram to win money from games, either online or in any other way. It leads you to the way of gambling either actively or passively and one can say it’s a sort of gambling.

Games which are Haram in Islam.

According to Islam, games which involve statues or images of any living being or which are associated with music, trick other people, evoke false hopes and lead to say lies or abusive language. Those games lead to cause trouble for other people or consequences in hurting others. Games which cause human exploitation etc. are considered Haram. Games consume a lot of personal time and lead to skipping his/her rights toward Islam such as skipping Salah, non-recitation of the holy Quran, neglecting parents, spouse and children etc.

  • Playing cards.
  • Dice games.

Playing Ludo(dice game)only to spend time with the clan and refresh their mind is allowed in Islam.

Note: Playing chess is permitted only in a situation when a person has to learn the tricks of the opponent in the preparation for war and also to make their mind sharp for it.

Besides these, there are online games as well which are unauthorised for making money.

Online games like Junglee Rummy, Zupee, Dream11, Rummy,8 ball pool, Carrom etc. are prohibited in Islam for making money.

Is it play to earn Halal?

Playing in the fields to earn money for a living or

Playing as a professional and maintaining a career ahead with whole honesty while playing or in play fields is Halal. There are no such boundaries in Islam regarding earnings from games physically but one should always keep in mind to play honestly, and keep themselves prevented from corruption.

Even it is mentioned that playing Archery, Horse riding, and camelback riding are allowed in Islam as they help the person to prepare himself well for Jihad. These games make a person physically strong and help the body to stay fit and aid in the proper functioning of our physical systems.

Even the money which is earned from gaming channels on YouTube is Halal as the money earned from YouTube gaming channels is earned from the advertisement displayed on the screen while watching the video. But it is mandatory to keep in mind the advertisement must be for a Halal product. Besides that, if the product is halal but the way of representing it is Haram for instance there is music in that advertisement or any girl is advertising it or anything which is prohibited by Islam is involved in that advertisement, then it’s the duty to keep approximately 10% of the total amount as Sadqa so that the money earned from the gaming channel would be considered Halal for the person.

Rasool Allah S.A.W said Minhusni Islaamil mar’i tarkuhu maa laa ya’niihi. The best in Islam is one should prevent himself from futile stuffings. Prevent those things which distance a person from their Deen and their worshipping Allah.

Note: Play only those games which will refresh your mind and help build your physique. Games which prove beneficial for you and your family. One can also play games to spend time with family so that the bond between them gets stronger. And those games won’t prove hazardous to your health.

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