Mathematical wonders in the Quran

The Qur’an needs no introduction whatsoever. It is the Word of Allah – The Creator of this Universe. It affirms that the cosmos and the author of the Qur’an are the same.

This is more than just a claim. The Quran’s divine origin is evident from the words written in it. This book of wonders filled with unceasing miracles and unforeseen knowledge has abundant traces of Scientific phenomena. Such phenomena weren’t even discovered when this divine book was given to us by the Almighty. From Zoology and Embryology to physics and chemistry, the book talks about them all.  

If that isn’t enough to make you believe, the book is jeweled with a huge array of Mathematical marvels, including the widely known Golden Ratio.

The golden ratio in the Quran.

Surah Al-Imran, verse 96 – ‘Behold, the first House (of Prayer) established for mankind is the one at Makkah: it is full of blessing, and a center of guidance for the whole world’ has 47 letters. If we replace the 29 letters from the beginning of the verse until the word Mecca with 12348 km, then the 47 letters from the verse equal 19980 kilometers between the North and South Poles. When we divide both figures, we get a result that is quite similar to 1.618: 47 / 29 = 1.620. Fascinating, isn’t it? The Holy Qur’an has many such hidden wonders. 

Mecca City is situated on the Golden Ratio Point of Arabia, whereas the Ka’bah is situated on the Golden Ratio of Mecca City!! Who said this? It is proven by the measurements made with a golden ratio compass, also known as the Leonardo compass. Probability calculations show that none of these proofs can be accidental. Indeed Allah is ‘Al-Khaliq’ -The Creator Of All.

Mathematical miracles in the Quran.

   This sacred book is studded with prodigies and splendor. Another miracle involves instances where the frequency of one word or phrase is equal to the frequency of another term that is related to it. 

Here are 10 such instances for you:

  1. There are 24 instances of the term “Man” being used. There are 24 mentions of the word “woman” in total. 
  2. The Arabic words “Dunia,” which is another word for “life,” and “Aakhira,” which is another word for “afterlife,” are both mentioned 115 times.
  3. Malaika, the Arabic word for an angel, and Shaytan, the Arabic word for Satan, are both mentioned 88 times.
  4. The word “Life” appears 145 times. There are 145 mentions of “death.”
  5. 11 times for “Iblees” (the devil king). Eleven times: “Seek refuge from Iblees.”
  6. 75 times: “Museebah” (calamity). 75 times, “Thank you.”
  7. “Sadaqah” (spending) has been mentioned 73 times, the same as “satisfaction.”
  8. “Zakat,” the tax Muslims pay for the impoverished, has 32 mentions. 32 times “Barakah” (the benefits of one’s wealth).
  9. Hardship appears 114 times. 114 instances of “patience.”
  10. Muhammad: four times. 4 times in “Sharee’ah” (Muhammad’s teachings).

Is there any math in the Quran?

There are many such examples in the Qur’an. Still unconvinced? Here are some more mind-boggling numerical wonders to strengthen these claims. The word Month has been mentioned on 12 occasions, while the day has been 365 times!! There have been 32 instances of “Sea”  while 13 for “land.” “Sea” + “Land” = 32 + 13 = 45. The percentage of the sea is equal to 32 / 45, and the percentage of the land is equal to 13 / 45. These aren’t mere speculations but factual evidence. 

Could everything be a coincidence? Could it simply be luck?

To answer promptly, No! All of these strengthen the claim that the Holy Qur’an is sent from the Almighty Allah to preach the values of Islam, humanity, and love. “There is no question that We have sent down the Message, and We will surely defend it” (from corruption). (9)” 15:9 (Chapter 15).

Our finest resource is this holy book. It is brimming with knowledge, accuracy, reality, philosophy, beauty, elegance, and love. This book provides advice on all subjects and covers every element of life. The Holy Qur’an is a gift from Allah to guide people in their social, spiritual, and personal lives.

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