Is Earning Money by Winning Games Haram?

Haram means something that is prohibited by Islamic law.

Islam forbids gambling, physical violence, and harming others. It is forbidden to earn Haram income. God promises to reward people who earn halal income. He doesn’t accept the calls of people who consume haram money.

Money is the most important thing in our lives; it is the reason we exist. People are completely dependent on money to survive. Earning money in a haram way has become very easy, which is not allowed in Islamic teachings.

With technology advancing, there are many websites where people earn money by playing games online and offline, some of them are forbidden in Islam.

A lot of people around the world play video games for fun. Some of them even earn some extra income from doing so. However, due to unemployment issues in developing countries, people often resort to playing Haram games to earn money.

They get accustomed to easy money and become greedy as they earn money.

They don’t think twice before doing something. We should influence them so that they earn their living in an Islamic way. Allah SWT says in the Qur’an

“And whoever does good voluntarily for people – he has indeed achieved a great success.”

“Oh people, intoxicants, gambling, idols, and lotteries are all evil of satan’s handiwork; therefore, avoid them so that you may succeed.”

So the Qur’an clearly states that these kinds of transactions are not permissible.


Playing video games such as GTA, PUBG, shooting games, Minecraft, Roblox, dice games and Royal Battle Games involves violence, murder, killing, nudity, hatred among people and non-Islamic activities in many ways; playing games in which a person gets 100 points for hitting holy sites and 50 points for landing at Holy sites are considered Haram because they are blasphemous and disrespectful.

Further, It takes up your valuable time and distracts your attention away from Allah.

Such games that don’t involve violence, gambling, and if there isn’t any part of the game that harms our faith, are permissible. So we can relax for a short period of time by playing them.


It’s not haram for someone to earn money from playing video games, but it is haram for them to play games that involve haram things like gambling.


As Muslims, we must follow all the instructions God has given us, follow the right path, and avoid anything that is forbidden. We must follow everything and earn money lawfully as God has blessed us. Therefore, Gaming as a profession is Haram for Muslims because it involves unlawful means.

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