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Sajdahs in Quran

  Sajdah: It is an act of prostration or low bowing to Allah facing the qiblah. Sajdah is usually done in standardised prayer. In Arabic, the term sajdha is define as adoration in front of Allah Almighty. Sajdha tilawat hanafi: The term defines as the prostration of recitation,  is a prostration which happens during the ritual …

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Iman-e-Mufassal Transliteration

Every Muslim ought to consider seven essential matters. Iman-e-mufassal commonly means to have perception in all matters which might be cited in the Islamic faith. In different terms, Iman-e-mufassal is to trust and consider the information that prophets conveyed, It also means to have complete faith in Allah and to never question his decisions. The …

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The Quran and Qurbani

Many people around the globe wonder what Qurbani is? The term Qurbani is an Urdu word that literary means “Sacrifice”. The Qurbani is fard upon every Muslim. The wisdom behind it is explained by the Quran and “Ahadees”. Why do we do Qurbani? So here we go, the sacrifice of livestock animals that revives the …

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