How fast can you memorize the Quran?

If one wants to be close to Allah and his heart i.e. Quran, then one should show enthusiasm in not just reading it but grasping its knowledge and understanding each verse. After comprehending, you can start with the journey as to how fast you can memorize the Quran. It is correctly said that “Humans fall in love with words more easily, so just presume that if you fall in love with words then instinctively you’ll fall in love with the writer too.

How fast can you memorize the Quran?

 Nowadays, all Islamic brothers and sisters have known to recite the Quran but the main question is that “Have you ever memorized the Quran?” Or “How fast can you memorize the Quran?”

   So before proceeding further, let me share some essential points which will not only help you to memorize the Quran but also will help you stick to Deen.

1. As we begin our day with the Fajr prayer, we’re at ease free from our routine hustle, so after completion of the prayer do spare an hour in the direction of reciting the Quran .

2. Select the page and read it by yourself, if by any means you find it strenuous to read, follow the verse with an e-reciter which is handy and quite helpful. 

3. Hear it and study the verses in conjunction with the reciter. 

4. In the Initial days it could prove to be difficult, however train your mind to not give up, take a quick break, drink water, loosen up your thoughts and continue with the recitation with all diligence. 

5. If you’ve become fluent with a certain verse, Don’t overlook studying it two times because this is what is going to help you memorize for longer term. 

6. Reading it two times will create a primacy impact and your mind will preserve in attention that you do not forget what you’ve got to study and what you’ve learned before.

7. Now divide the paragraphs into halves.

8. Read the primary paragraph twice, instigating your memory. The sentences will robotically get loaded to your reminiscence and you may be capable of not forgetting paragraphs on your own.

9. Same system as the ‘8th point’ needs to be accompanied for the following paragraphs henceforth. 

10. Now, all you need to do is recite what you’ve learnt to some other individual or clearly simply document it and listen. This will once more assist you to no longer overlook the preceding lessons. 

Is it possible to memorize the Quran in 6 months?

   Why not! It is possible to memorize the Quran in 6 months!. The above suggestions are all you want to hold your thoughts. Once you comply with the above suggestions, it is going to be very beneficial to memorize the Quran in 6 months. 

  One essential key phenomenon is the age factor which shouldn’t be overlooked. For Younger individuals in their childhood or teenages the power of the mind to grasp is incredibly high. This capacity is why we are able to see kids being a Hafiz at such tender age. However, for elderly readers it becomes a struggle to memorise owing to the fact of them being in their later parts of life. This highlights the point that our mind is sparkling and robust at younger age but its strength to understand reduces as we age.

How many pages are in the Quran?

 The Quran consists of 604 pages in all. Quickly, one gets to understand such a lot about 

Allah and additionally our prophets. Just believe 604 pages, try reading 4 pages after each namaz, in case you inculcate this habit in your daily routine then 600 pages in a month would be a cakewalk. Once fluency is achieved memorising becomes a much easier task to accomplish. Without even releasing you’d have completely recited the entire Quran in a month 1 month!! Isn’t it pretty fascinating?

Besides, analyzing the holy Quran has a scintillating impact on Muslims, and despite the fact that a few do not understand it, it does feed the compassion and tranquility to the heart and mind. So it is best advised to engulf this beautiful habit into your schedule, promise yourselves, strife for it and turn this habit into an addiction just as we’re with our mobile phones. Memorizing the Qur’an will enlighten a whole new pious spirit within ourselves and unknowingly you’ll have achieve the best version of you, bringing you closer to the Almighty and help provide a meaning to this worldly life. May Allah S.W.T bless us and bestow upon our hearts the love of Qur’an and endow our lives with his immense love and greater closeness with our Deen.

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