Haram things you do in everyday life.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we completely become unconscious of the Haram stuff that ruins our Islam in our day-to-day life and the things that you don’t know were Haram. So life is taking revenge against us, and one of the major factors in this is there is no Barkat in our lives, in our income, in our knowledge and even in our ages. Some people even don’t know what does Haram means? ISo, here is the answer, disobeying Allah or any deed that leads to disobedience to Allah is Haram, things that are against Islam are Haram. Let’s know about the Haram aspects that we can avoid and make life more beautiful and according to our Almighty, Allah. However, there are numerous things we aren’t familiar with, which are Haram.

Haram things you do in everyday life.

Following Islam isn’t that much easy nor it’s too difficult to follow. One can follow Islam and the world parallelly. We do numerous things that are Haram either with consciousness or unconsciously. Nowadays, Muslim people are standing at a vicious juncture that they are involving themselves in Haram things casually.

Here are some things for those people who are unfamiliar with or neglect that they are Haram.

  • Women take purdah as a choice. Insurance is common for all.
  • Working in banks is considered a good status.
  • Trimming eyebrows is fashion even after being aware it is forbidden.
  • Trimming a beard for men is a new trend.
  • Leaving old parents at old age shelters is usual.
  • The workplace is more important than mosques.
  • Skipping Salah for earnings is casual.
  • Parting ways from Islam.
  • No fear of Allah in private and even in public.
  • Haram relationships of girls and boys.
  • Dating each other.
  • Women going out without
  • Sons and mothers share the same bed.
  • Gambling, lying, and disobeying are all a part of a new trend.
  • Paying interest without holding any grudge.
  • Watching girls and boys with bad intentions.
  • Exhibit body parts to earn money or for fashion.
  • Drug addiction adds to the right of the people.
  • Men wear gold without caring that it’s prohibited in Islam.

There are many more things to add but can’t mention all of the things. Moreover, this is the duty of every Muslim to prevent themselves from these sins and take themselves to a successful life.

List of Haram things in the Quran.

The Quran is a book that guides us to the righteous path of life. It suggests all the right and wrongs. Deeds that lead us to Jannah and the deeds which may drag us to Hell. The Quran suggest ways to lead a Halal and successful life which helps us to become nearer to Allah. So, the Quran tells the Halal and Haram things. Taking a halal path will give us a respectful life here in this world and also in the afterworld for sure. Haram things are easy to follow but lead to a miserable ending. So here is the list of Haram things mentioned in the Quran which can be avoided and will also prevent the Muslims from a devastating end.

Forgetting the fear of Allah, Comparing Allah to anyone even Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Disobedience of Allah, Skipping the Salah. Disobeying parents, Shaving beard, and trimming eyebrows(Rasool S.A.W PBUH forbids the woman who does this). Talking to strangers(Non-mahrams), Gambling, Consumption of Alcohol, Intake of Drugs, (Opium, tobacco products, etc). Working in banking. Taking interest amount, taking insurance. Paying interest rates and taking loans with interest. The haircut was done for fashion. illicit sexual relations(Zina).The woman without Purdah. Playing instruments except for the tambourine(one-sided drum) Anger. Wearing gold for men.

Note: Doing Haram things will make way to Hell. Repenting on your sins and apologising from Allah may grant you to Jannah. Doing a sin after being aware of, is the biggest sin. Do apologies from Allah for every sin of yours. Allah is Rehman and Raheem, he waits for his people to apologise and grant them forgiveness.

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