55+ Muslim House Names | Good Islamic Names for Residence

The Best of Allah’s blessing in this world is a Home. A peaceful home with a roof above your head is indeed a blessing of great magnitude.

A true Believer is always thankful to Almighty Allah in every situation. No hardship troubles him and no blessing makes him forget the Lord.

When naming a house, one can express gratitude towards the Almighty by giving it a name that glorifies Allah swt.

Islamic names often have deep meanings that are derived from Quran and Ahadith. One can always use their creativity to name their home.

We have listed some of those names with deep meaning.

1. Darrussalam

Meaning: Abode of Peace

2. Dar Al Maarifah

Meaning: Abode of Knowledge

3. Bab e Rehmat

Meaning: Gate of Mercy

4. Bayt ul Azzam

Meaning: House of Determination

5. Bab ul Islam

Meaning: Door of Islam

6. Qasr Al Hikmah

Meaning: Fort of Wisdom

7. Dar ul Ain

Meaning: Place of Spring

8. Qasr Al Hidayah

Meaning: Fort of Wisdom

9. Dar Al Iman

Meaning: House of Faith

10. Noor Aashiayana

Meaning: House of Light

11. Aman Manzil

Meaning: Destination of Peace

12. Bab e Khyber

Meaning: Gate of Khyber

13. Dar Al Taqwa

Meaning: House of Pious

14. Aasmaan Garh

Meaning: Home in Sky

15. Dar Al Shafqat

Meaning: Place of Kindness

16. Muhabbat Manzil

Meaning: Destination of Love

17. Qasr Al Noor

Meaning: Fortress of Light

18. Noor Khana

Meaning: Light House

19. Bayt An Noor

Meaning: House of Light

20. Iqra Manzil

Meaning: Destination of Knowledge

21. Shafqat Manzil

Meaning: Destination of Compassion

22. Bab ul Iman

Meaning: Door of Faith

23. Ashab Al Kahf

Meaning: People of the Cave (Reference to Qur’an)

24. Dar Al Haiza

Meaning: House of the Royal

25. Shams Al Imarat

Meaning: Building of Sun light

26. Ashab al Noor

Meaning: People of divine Light

27. Imarat Al Shariat

Meaning: Building of Shariyat

28. Bayt Al Ataa

Meaning: House of Blessing

29. Bayt ul Jameel

Meaning: House of the Beauty

30. Qal’at Salah Ad Deen

Meaning: Fort of Salahudeen

31. Bayt Al Alamout

Meaning: House of the Eagle’s Nest

32. Salah Ad Deen Manzil

Meaning: Destination of Salahudeen

33. Qal’at At Taqwa

Meaning: Fortress of the Pious

34. Dar ul Ain

Meaning: Door of Light

35. Firdous Mahal

Meaning: Garden House

36. Shareef Al Makaan

Meaning: House of the Respected

37. Bab-e-Shafqat

Meaning: House of Compassion

38. Waadi-e-Ishq

Meaning: Valley of Love

39. Armaan Manzil

Meaning: Destination of Desire

40. Bayt Al Badr

Meaning: House of Full Moon

41. Waadi-e-Mustafa

Meaning: Valley of the Prophet PBUH

42. Imaarat ul Taalia

Meaning: Building of the Virtuous

43. Qandeel Mahal

Meaning: Mansion of Light

44. Imaarat ul Khassa

Meaning: Building of Peculiarity

45. Irum Manzil

Meaning: Destination of Garden

46. Qudsi Manzil

Meaning: Sacred Destination

47. Bab-e-Wafiza

Meaning: Gate of Fresh Air

48. Gosha-e-Qudsiyyah

Meaning: Abode of Calmness

49. Qasr Al Inaayat

Meaning: Fort of Blessing

50. Bayt Al Sabah

Meaning: House of Care

51. Shafqat Mahal

Meaning: Mansion of Compassion

52. Takbeer Manzil

Meaning: Place of Takbeer

53. Bayt al Tauheed

Meaning: House of Monotheism

54. Falak al Aflaak

Meaning: Castle of the Castles

55. Bayt Al Khassa

Meaning: House of Specialty

56. Bahaar Manzil

Meaning: House of Spring

57. Dar ul Rahmat

Meaning: House of Divine Mercy


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